Aquarium Lighting

I have 3 LED strip lights

1. Fluval – Marine & Reef Full Spectrum Led Strip Light

2. Build My LED – LED Strip Light
(they no longer make aquarium lights)

3. Fluval – Aqualife & Plant Full Spectrum Led Strip Light


9:00 AM – Fluval Marine Light comes on
10:00 AM – Fluval Plant Light comes on

8:30 PM – Fluval Plant Light turns off
9:30 PM – Fluval Marine Light turns off

The schedule is performed by the Apex Jr controller. Each light has it’s own outlet and is independently controlled.

I’m not currently using the Build My LED light regularly. With the tank being so deep, I wasn’t sure how much light I would need for the plants. This way I have extra light if I decide I need more. I do fire it up when I take pictures, and the fish don’t seem to mind the extra light.

You might ask why I chose a marine light… I found both of the Fluval lights at a fish store that was going out of business, so they were cheap. I just installed all the lights that I had. The marine light brings out some of the discus colors, especially the blues.