Neon Tetras – and then there were six

Soon after I set up the aquarium, I added a bunch of neon tetras. I wanted to get some live fish in the aquarium, but not expensive discus fish, at least not at first. I found neon tetras on sale for $1 each and I bought a whole school of them. I won’t admit here how many I bought. They looked very cool swimming together. Over the next two weeks however, all but 6 died. They didn’t ever look sick or anything. They would just suddenly die. I’m not real sure what happened. I was keeping the tank at 84 degrees in preparation for discus, and I think the fish just did not acclimate very well to the warm water. I’m a lot more careful about acclimating fish now. I plan to add a school of either neon tetras or cardinal tetras in the future. I have since setup a quarantine tank (a 20 gallon planted tank) and I will start them out at a cooler temperature and then warm them up over the course of several weeks.